When you get to the finish line....don't let up.  Go right through the objective!  



When the race gets tough, 

When your muscles ache,

When your uncomfortable,

Your armor is tested,

Your metal made ready.

In my experience spartan racing, I enjoy starting last out of the gate.  It helps me see how many racers I pass.  I observe a lot during the course of a race.  I see men falter so close to the finish.  Men with such strong starts who were motivated, but disheartened when the race got tough, cold, wet, etc. 

I encourage these men and instill in them the Spirit which is always willing to the face of fear, the flesh becomes weak.  The Holy Spirit is always ready to renew your steps with the strength of 1000 men.  

In life we must be willing and ready to push forward for the reward so close.  A few moments of pain will result in riches that will never fade away.  



"Don't give up, Don't give in!  - Lou Zamperini (Unbroken) 

Keep Fighting The Good Fight!

When it's hard times
When it's long days
And the enemy is right up in your face
When your back's against the ropes and you're feeling all alone

Keep fighting the good fight (Never give up, never give up)
Keep letting your light shine (Holding it high as long as you live)
'Cause I'm never gonna leave you
Always gonna see you through to the other side
Keep fighting the good fight, fighting the good
fighting the good fight, good fight

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